Javier Ariza


Carman is a street comedy starring an eccentric showman, Javier Ariza, and a Seat 600. The iconic car comes to life and ends up moving without a driver in a musical circus routine that could take them to Eurovision. In the hands of this man who is never far from his car, circus, clown acts and object handling take centre stage in a fun, unforgettable show.


In a world dominated by reason, only dreams manage to survive and sometimes idiocy is a sign of intelligence, as only the very brave –even when audacious– feel destined for lofty goals. Carman transforms the public space, giving it back to the people and restoring the legendary 600 to the place that technology unfairly stole from it. The only thing missing from this show to make it perfect is you. We’ll see each other at Carman!


Creation and Performances: Javier Ariza

Director: Aitor Basauri

Outside Eye: Rubén Río

Executive Producer: Nuria Aguiló

Tuning: Jairo Fuentes and David Cabezos

Costumes: Elisa Sanz and Begoña Simón


A production by Javier Ariza

Organised in collaboration with Teatro Circo Price




From 5th of August to 8th of August
08:00 PM

  • 5th of August
    08:00 PM
  • From 6th of August to 7th of August
    08:00 PM
  • 8th of August
    08:00 PM

50 minutes


Free admission with tickets downloaded or picked up in advance


To ensure that all people can take part in activities as safely as possible, specific seats have been set aside to guarantee better locations and improved access for persons with disabilities, depending on how much assistance they require. They can be requested by writing to the email address, in person at physical ticket offices, or by calling the audience assistance line on (+34) 91 318 47 00 between 11am and 2pm or 4.30pm and 8.30pm.

For those who require it to acquire their tickets, sign language video interpreting is available via the following link between the phone assistance hours specified above: Sign Language Video Interpreting for the Hearing Impaired

Upon entering the venue, staff will require ticket holders to show a disability card or equivalent document that provides proof of disability.

Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Calle del Conde Duque, 11 28015 , 11

Paisaje o vista de Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Distrito Centro

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Metro: Ventura Rodríguez (línea 3), San Bernardo (línea 2 y 4) y Noviciado (línea 2).

Bus: 002

Bicimad: Estación 13 (calle Conde Duque, 22)

Parque de la Cuña Verde de O´Donnell / Auditorio al aire libre

Av. del Dr. García Tapia, 125, 28030 Madrid

Paisaje o vista de Parque de la Cuña Verde de O´Donnell  / Auditorio al aire libre

Ciudad Lineal


Bus: 140

Junta Municipal del Distrito de Moncloa - Aravaca


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  • Metro: Moncloa (líneas 3, 6)
  • Bus: A, 161, 160, 162, 62, 133, 83, 1, 132, 138, 44, 82, C2, C1
  • Bicimad: Estación 110 (Paseo Moret, 2)

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