actores vestidos de época haciendo diferentes muecas

A failed party in Madame Capricho's palace becomes the perfect setting for the characters to reveal their true natures by escaping from the behavioural norms that are usually imposed on them. The need to feel accepted and be part of a group is questioned in a nimble, comic, poetic and absurd fashion via the viewpoints of our characters, who, through circus, offer an alternative to established norms in an attempt to defend otherness.


Ethos –the latest show by Producciones Chisgarabís, a performing arts company based in Fuenlabrada– takes place in an absurd, dystopian world set in the Baroque, where classical music and circus techniques (teeterboard, acrobatics, juggling and Risley and clown acts, among other things) take shape and become meaningful on a fascinating voyage that presents itself as an alternative to the established, in an attempt to defend otherness.


Director: Irene Poveda

Dramaturgy: Irene Poveda / Collective Creation

Performers: Mónica Suárez “Mon”, Cira Cabasés, Manoela Wolfart, Rubén Burgos “Nebur”, Juan de las Casas and Ismael Pérez 

Assistant Dramaturge: Alba Sarraute

Creation Consultant: Pedro Montoya

Director's Assistant: Herminio Campillo

Art Director: Artelón / En la Chácena Producciones

Music: Classical (various artists)

Lighting Design: Jorge Rotunno

Distribution: Elena Carrascal I*D


A production by Chisgarabís and the Community of Madrid

Organised in collaboration with Teatro Circo Price




From 24th of July to 25th of July
08:00 PM

50 minutes


Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Naves del Español en Matadero

Paseo de la Chopera , 14

Paisaje o vista de Naves del Español en Matadero


Place of employment information:


Metro: Legazpi (líneas 6, 3)

Bus: 6, 8, 18, 19, 45, 78, 148

Renfe: Embajadores

Bicimad: Estación 165 (Paseo Chopera, 14)

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