Madrid Municipal Symphonic Band (BSMM)

primer plano del director de la Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid

Since joining the Madrid Municipal Symphonic Band as its conductor, Jan Cober has led the ensemble in an ambitious music project which remains faithful to symphonic tradition but introduces new sounds and music styles from the 21st century. With this artistic vision, he has put together the Música y Amor (Music and Love) concert programme featuring the band’s most representative songs, which have earned it great international prestige. As the band plays its best-known pieces, Cober will lead it on a journey into the heart of Madrid, paying an ardent tribute to the city's audiences in appreciation of their loyalty.

Love (“amor”) is one of the feelings most frequently drawn on by composers seeking inspiration for their songs, due to music's ability to arouse our emotions. With this in mind, in the concert Música y Amor the band aims to convey a love of music and of composers who can move us, but it also wants to provide a forum for the “love” entailed by the coming-together of citizens and Madrid City Council, which, through the Madrid Municipal Symphonic Band, has been bringing music to the city's residents and visitors for 112 years.

Jan Cober and the Symphonic Band, one of Madrid’s most esteemed, traditional and beloved municipal institutions, thus invite us to come out on 29 July not only to enjoy music but to feel, to be moved and to get swept away by emotion. 


Organised in collaboration with the Madrid Municipal Symphonic Band




29th of July
08:30 PM

60 minutes


Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Auditorio al aire libre Pilar García Peña

Carretera Parque Pinar del Rey. Carr. de Canillas, 1, 28043 Madrid

Paisaje o vista de Auditorio al aire libre Pilar García Peña

Distrito Hortaleza

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Bus: 73, 72, 9

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