The Infernal Comedy · Confesiones de un asesino en serie

John Malkovich

The Infernal Comedy · Confesiones de un asesino en serie

The well-known American actor John Malkovich visits the Veranos de la Villa Festival to present The Infernal Comedy · Confessions of a Serial Killer, a drama for an actor, two sopranos and an orchestra based on the trust story of the murderer Jack Unterweger (1950-1994). 


Malkovich, who also directs the play, brings this serial killer to life, a man who in a surprising and poetic twist, decided to leave a written confession. What makes this work so special is its staging given that it consists of a string orchestra playing Baroque music and two soprano soloists, all immersed in the task of playing and singing pieces by such great composers as  Mozart, Gluck, Haydn, Vivaldi, Boccherini, Weber and Beethoven.


In addition to the star of the show, The Infernal Comedy · Comedy · Confessions of a serial killer also involves directors Michael Sturminger and Adrian Kelly, the Austrian Baroque orchestra Música Angélica, and sopranos Sophie Klußmann and Martene Grimson, Kirsten Blaise and Marie Arnet.


A production of the Orchester Wiener Akademie






Performer John Malkovich

Director Michael Sturminger 

Orchestra conducted by Martin Haselböck 

Sopranos Susanne Langbein and Chen Reiss

Orchester Wiener Akademie




I. C. W. Gluck | Introduction and Chaconne “Hell” from “Don Juan” / instrumental

II. L. Boccherini |Chaconne from “The House of the Devil” / instrumental

III. C. W. Gluck | ‘Ballo grazioso’ from “Orfeo” / instrumental 

IV. A. Vivaldi | Aria ‘Sposa son disprezzata’ from “Ottone in Villa”

V. W.A. Mozart | ‘Vorrei spiegarvi oh Dio’ 

VI. L. van Beethoven | Scene and Aria “Ah, perfido”, op. 65

VII. J. Haydn | Scene from “Berenice”, ‘Berenice, che fai’, Hob. XXIVa:10 

VIII. C.M. von Weber | Scene and Aria ‘Ah, se Edmundo fosse l’uccisor!’

IX. W.A. Mozart | Recitative, Aria and Cavatina “Ah, lo previdi!”, KV 27


From 11th of August to 12th of August

Duration​: 105 minutes


Language: The show is performed in English and the musical numbers in their original languages. With surtitles in Spanish


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